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 Broughton Business Association 

Introducing our Chamber

Our Chamber of Trade was set up 10 years ago because we found we were missing out on grants and opportunities to keep our businesses going and to run community-based projects.

This year the government decided that all chambers had to have 1000 members. This is impossible for us because there are not that many businesses in and around Broughton.
Early in November 2002 we decided to become Broughton in Furness & District Business Association in order to carry on supporting businesses in the area and helping others to set up.

The Chamber of Trade was formed to give Broughton back its voice and put it on the map as the centre of a lively rural community.  Since then the chamber has focused the attention of councils in Kendal (30 miles away) and Carlisle (90 miles away) on the town and surrounding district of hamlets, fells and valleys.  Achievements include:

  • Establishing the Parish Pump, for monthly News, Views and Advertisements for the 100+ businesses in the area

  • Setting up the Tourist Information Office and handing it over to the district council and tourist board

  • Conducting a Community Appraisal and collating the results for councils to base their decisions on

  • Organising a Trade and Craft Fair to show Broughton's potential as a modern market town

  • Facilitating an in-depth study into setting up and running festivals in Broughton

  • Supporting the Victory Hall to the tune of around £1,500 raised at the Whit Fair every year

  • Commissioning this Website to take Broughton Business to the rest of the world, with free box ad for members who can also get their own page on the site for only £25

  • Printing the Broughton Directory with free box ad for members.  (Non-members may be included on an alphabetical list)

The Association sees its main aim as supporting business in and around Broughton, as everything in the community depends on their survival and prosperity.  We need people to live and work here, shop and go to school here, worship and relax here, farm the land and welcome visitors here.

The Association can act as a pressure group, for example for improved road and footpath networks, and can promote membersí interests, such as dealing with the Inland Revenue.  It can help you access information about planning and trading regulations.

Whatever your business, it is in your interests to support the Association.  We meet every month or so to check on the progress of current concerns, to plan activities and to network information.  Meetings are informal and are held at one of the membersí hostelries.  You are welcome to attend.  Please let us know in advance if you wish to join us and give us an idea of the issues you are concerned about.

Tourism is only one of the businesses round here. The Association seeks to encourage people to set up in many areas of business so that we do not get swamped by visitors, as in Hawkshead and Grasmere, and we do not make ourselves vulnerable by relying on only one industry.

For £15 a year you can belong to Broughton Business Assocation and get the chance to meet up with others, be involved with plenty of community projects and help ensure that all levels of government are aware of what we need and what we have to offer. At the AGM in the New Year we gather to enjoy
Broughton's special lines in food and beer. It's important to keep Broughton and district a vibrant place to live and work all the year round, using our shops, schools and sports facilities.

If you need any more information please contact Mary Jardine on , or 




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